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Our Approach

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Life is an expedition that takes us on paths we never knew we would travel.  Some of these paths require us to make tough choices, some paths break us, and other paths enable us to heal and grow. By utilizing different therapeutic modalities we can restore what was lost and broken, become who we desire.  

Springs Trauma Center utilizes psychoeducation to learn how a traumatized brain responds to the environment and to normalize and repair autonomic reactions. Increased insight into why one behaves they way they do provides clarity and is the first step to processing trauma.  Trauma affects us due to constantly reliving events and emotional reactions. There are several different modalities to help process through trauma that are utilized in therapeutic treatment to promote healing and restoration.  

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

*Dialectal Behavioral Therapy

*Motivational Interviewing

*Internal Family Systems

*Somatic Experiencing




*Trauma Yoga

*MIndful Boxing

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